A Serial “Liker’s” Call to Action


Twitter: my professional platform

Facebook: friends and family

Insta…..what? I am sure I have one picture posted and it’s of  a lamp I found at Target for an AMAZING price.

As my teacher network grows I have noticed that my network has moved from Twitter, and is beginning to bleed into Facebook. The relationship built on Twitter through chats becomes one of friendship and support. Those relationships can no longer be confined to Twitter, so they make it to the friends and family plan.

This is where I have to admit my truth:


This was brought to my attention by a colleague as I sat through lunch catching up on what had transpired throughout  the day. I would laugh, smile, make a verbal comment to those in the room, and scroll & “like” just about everything from the news of the addition to someone’s family to the call to provide feedback on the draft ESSA plan.

 Now, to clarify I only “like” the things I truly like, but I tend to “like” a lot.

The educators who I share my Facebook with are inspiring, social justice warriors, who push me to be a better educator, a more critical thinker and an engaged education advocate. This past week a group of “edufriends” started a thread, in which they were all going to read a book, and host a book study. The thing that all of these teachers had in common, wasn’t location, rather the belief that as educators we have a responsibility to advocate & confront our own biases. The belief that our voices were important in making in sustaining change. The text wasn’t something that was on my radar, but I knew that if this group of educators were going explore it, it must be a worthy read. 


In true serial “liker” form I liked the post. I liked it for what it stood for, the fact that these educators were willing to push themselves to be better. I liked it for the fact that these educators had different lived experiences but this was their common ground. I liked it because I was impressed, intrigued and thankful that I knew people who cared.

A few hours went by and I receive a notification that read,

“Danielle, are you in on this too?”

I responded in the affirmative, and realized that my serial “liking” had resulted in a call to action. I would now stretch my understanding of social justice and engage in discourse with some of the best educators I know.

This encounter sparked an idea! As I move to using Facebook as a mix of work and personal, I will use the likes received as a call to action. When I post information about the new standards and it’s liked, it’s a may be a way for me to engage a specific person, offering my feedback or offering myself to answer questions. I have learned through my own experience that the “like” can be the catalyst to commitment and action.

I encourage you to do the same.

As you connect with others, find ways to engage them, aid in refining their understanding and listening as they share their experiences.  


Danielle Brown

Danielle Brown

Sierra Vista, Arizona

My name is Danielle Brown, and I am a PROUD, National Board Certified (EC-GEN) public school Kindergarten teacher in Southeast Arizona. I will begin my seventh year teaching, with one year as the arts integration specialist and 6 years as a kindergarten teacher. I have a BA in Elementary Education from the University of Arizona and am currently pursuing a Masters in Educational Leadership.

I believe in Board Certification and I support teachers, as a Candidate Support Provider, in their work to achieve Board Certification. I am continuing my journey of teacher leadership from the classroom as a 2016 ASCD Influence Leader, focusing on engaging educators in policy, as well as working as a National Policy Teacher Fellow with Hope Street Group, as well as a new member on the Arizona Teacher Solutions® Team.
I love connecting with other educators, staying solutions oriented and growing as a professional.

You can find me on Twitter @TeachDB17, reach out, connect and let’s grow together.

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