Leaving the Classroom?

So I’m reading Katy Farber’s book, Why Great Teachers Quit: And How We Might Stop the Exodus, which explores the demands, challenges, and rewards experienced by classroom teachers across the country who are staying in the trenches of public education – or – who are choosing to leave the classroom. (Insert sounds of shock and awe here).

Just saying the phrase, “leaving the classroom,” sounds sacrilegious to me. . . My breathing becomes more shallow, my eyeballs dart in a counter-clockwise motion, and my heart feels like it might jump out of my chest.

Teachers in their right minds don’t consider this prospect very often. . .

Do they?

Currently, if you’re not a classroom teacher – you’re an Instructional Coach or some kind of administrator. End. Of. Career. Path.

Current reform efforts, however, seem to have built in ways for teachers to become peer evaluators and coaches; it seems there might be new ways to build in layers of quality, job-embedded support that have been, sorely, lacking in public education.

Things are, definitely, being shaken up in education right now. Some-shakes: good. Some-shakes: bad. Teachers who are faltering under the proverbial more-with-less mantra are leaving the profession in record numbers. But what about teachers, like myself, who like to have one foot in the classroom and one foot on a teacher-leader platform somewhere?

How does this type of teacher know when it’s time to “leave” the classroom?



Alaina Adams

Dr. Alaina Adams

Phoenix, Arizona

My name is Alaina Adams and I am a Board Certified educator who has taught a variety of English Language Arts classes in middle school, high school, and higher education contexts for the past 12 years. I am currently working as a leader in full-time training in the Phoenix Union High School District and love the new perspective it brings for teacher leadership development in my urban, secondary setting. In addition to working in an administrative capacity, I also coach teachers on my campus, district, and across Arizona as they engage with the National Board Certification process.
When not working towards total world domination, I am the mother of a teenage daughter, enjoyer of live music, and am an all-around text-messaging, Twitter-following, and Facebook-posting human being.

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