March Madness

March Madness ended today.  National Boards portfolios are due on March 31st for first time candidates and April 15th for Advanced Candidates.    Just before 9 o’clock, the last National Board Candidate for the 2011-2012 cycle submitted their portfolio.  This visit to FedEx to send off the last box of hope marks the closing of another year of supporting teachers.   Coaching candidates is the type of work that takes dedication and belief.  I work with a team of coaches that strives to improve our profession through the development of teachers.   They are officially called Candidate Support Providers, but I call them the The Team.  Our roster includes seven diverse coaches all talented and knowledgeable in their own way.

We made it through the March Madness of candidate support with determination and grace.  I want to thank The Team– Christy, Karen, Karie, Mary, Robbie, Sandy and Sarah, the teachers in our district are better because of your dedication and your coaching.  Over thirty candidates successfully submitted their National Board Portfolios on time thanks to The Team.  March Madness may have been hectic; we may have felt as though we were endlessly running up and down the court.  We finished the tournament and can’t wait to play again next year.


Julie Torres

Julie Torres

Tucson, Arizona

My name is Julie Torres. I wasn’t always sure that I wanted to be a teacher; somewhere along the way I realized that teaching had been knocking at my door for a long time. I became a teacher because it felt natural; I remain a teacher because my students inspire me.

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