Why I Teach

by AlainaTeacher 

In a recent InterACT blog post, Kelly Kovacic gave a 90 second summary of why she teaches. In solidarity,  bloggers in Washington and Arizona are posting blogs to pay tribute to why each of us teaches.

Why do I teach?

The scope is large; I teach for thousands of beautifully articulated moments – and – millions more unspoken ones. As my students launch into a poetry unit to participate in the Poetry Out Loud program, I can’t think of a better way to pay tribute to why I teach than in poetic form. 

So here goes:

Pre-service teacher

I was.

Delivered unto a place

where magic happens.  

Yoda-like Mentor says,

“As you greet students at classroom door,

do your eyes light up when you see them?”

Got me thinking.

And greeting.

EVERY day. EVERY class period.

8 years now.

Giver-of-Band-Aids, Giver-of-Hugs, Giver-of-Confidence

I am.

Lifter-of-Spirits, Empowerment-of-Thinkers, Creator-of-Scholars

I am.

Giver of assessments and benchmark grades?

That too.

Every teaching cliche: I am.

Every apple-embroidered vest and denim skirt: I am

Every student desiring a free, public education:

I teach.

Eyes sparkle and face lights up –

with students in my life.


I could go on for hours about why I teach. I’m more interested, however, in what makes YOU sparkle. What makes your face light up?


Alaina Adams

Dr. Alaina Adams

Phoenix, Arizona

My name is Alaina Adams and I am a Board Certified educator who has taught a variety of English Language Arts classes in middle school, high school, and higher education contexts for the past 12 years. I am currently working as a leader in full-time training in the Phoenix Union High School District and love the new perspective it brings for teacher leadership development in my urban, secondary setting. In addition to working in an administrative capacity, I also coach teachers on my campus, district, and across Arizona as they engage with the National Board Certification process.
When not working towards total world domination, I am the mother of a teenage daughter, enjoyer of live music, and am an all-around text-messaging, Twitter-following, and Facebook-posting human being.

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