Why is it important to vote?

Day one…post Election Day. The reality of the situation is that yesterday’s election results WILL impact Arizona and education… NOT for the better.  The election just didn’t go our way.  Its hard to be upbeat as educators when we are more aware than ever of the ramifications that are certain, as we now have a new elected official who will be overseeing 2000 schools and 1,000,000 students in this state. In an effort to bring current events to the classroom, I posed the following question to my fourth graders… (This was my attempt at remaining upbeat and brought a smile to my face afterward.)  Here were some of their responses:

Why is it important to vote?

 ( the perspective of a few fourth graders)

  1. “It’s a fair way to settle things. Voting is important because everyone could share their opinion.”
  2. “You need to vote for a lot of reasons. One reason is we need a President.  Reason two is we need a governor.”
  3. “It would be a mad house without a president.”
  4. “I think it is a good idea because you can see who voted the most and make it even. It helps you decide over what you like or want to pick.”
  5. “ I think it will be unfair if we did not let everyone vote. But if you don’t vote then don’t be pouty.”




Annie Diaz

Annie Diaz

Buckeye, Arizona

I teach fourth grade in the greater west valley of Phoenix. I am not one of those who have known since I was a little girl that I wanted to be a teacher. My parents aren’t in education so I couldn’t follow their footsteps. I don’t even remember many teachers from my childhood. Who inspired me to choose this profession? Well… I have two boys whom I love more than anything in the world. They are students in the 21st century.

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